Ochre Clap Stick Creations and Design

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Duration: 2 Hours hands-on class with demonstration session

Location: My Dilly Bag, Forest Glen Village, Sunshine Coast, QLD Kurrajong Building

About the class: Learn the ancient ways of clap stick creation. These are not just a musical instruments but have many uses including a weapon, tool, story, dance, and healing practices. We explore each of these in the workshop.

Taking time to sit together, yarn and enjoy some My Dilly Bag Native Brew Tea and Wild lime shortbread . You will connect with your pieces and be guided through how to complete the following:

  • Journey of the wood - You will receive two up-cycled fallen gumtree clap sticks which are blank, hand burnt and carved - ready to read. Each is unique and has a story.
  • Sanding - Using sandpaper fig leaves we gently sand the sticks back. 
  • Polish - Using a stone we will polish and ready your pieces for painting. 
  • Practice - create your story on card using traditional symbols. 
  • Using burning tools supplied you will embelish your sticks using your card design as inspiration,
  • Paint with sacred ochre -  rub with cohre your prepared pieces to tell your story which can be healing and significant.
  • Bag - you will also make a carry bag to keep your beautiful creations in.

What you'll take home: 

  • Your two clap sticks can make a wonderful gift or memory to take home and enjoy its many uses. 
  • You will receive, an extra small take home gift for you to enjoy.

Your host:  Sara Moore