Aboriginal Australia's Bush Tucker Cooking Class

Duration: 2.5 Hours (approx.) action packed, hands on class with demonstration session

Location: Virtual Class

About the class:

The (he)art of using bush tucker produce is in the preparation techniques that will be shared at the beginning of the class by Aunty Dale Chapman who will guide you through the process of creating delicious wild meals. 

Australian native ingredients are powerful in flavour so you are in for a treat!

The luxury of time to get familiar with a selection of seasonal wild ingredients including fruits, seeds, leaves, nuts, and grains is impactful. For many, it is the beginning of a whole new way of cooking and sharing food.

Enjoy your prepared meals in good company and stay refreshed with Aunty Dale's trio of Myrtle and Hibiscus Iced or Hot Tea.

What’s on the Menu: Dukkah, Pitta Chips, Pesto, Hot and Cold Beverage, Biscuits, Outback Beans, all featuring delicious Australian native ingredients.

Dishes will depend on the season and availability of Australian native ingredients and may be changed from time to time.

What’s included:

  • Suitable for all skill levels from beginners to advanced.
  • You will receive by post the native ingredients, recipes and list of staples to be supplied by you. 
  • You will receive by email your link to the video.
  • So you look like a pro,  included is a My Dilly Bag apron.
  • Wild Myrtle & Hibiscus Tea to make before the class starts. 

OH&S:  Long hair should be tied up, please wear comfortable clothes and closed shoes when preparing and cooking.

Important: Please advise us of any dietary requirements and allergies in advance.

Meet Your Chef: Aunty Dale Chapman

Dale has been in the Food Industry in the Sunshine Coast region for nearly 30 years. From French cuisine to contemporary Australian, Dale’s experience is varied but she is most passionate about Bushfood and has promoted its use for decades.

She has found over the years that people are searching for a connection to Aboriginal Australia and a healthier approach to their own eating styles. This cooking class will take you on a food journey, tantalising your imagination and taste buds while you learn how to prepare and infuse wild game meats, herbs, nuts, seeds and fruits.

Cooking Class Terms & Conditions