GATHAA Jarjums/Kids Workshop - Sounds of the Bush

Coooooo-eeeeeee Jarjums! Come GATHAA with Sam Conway for an immersive journey into the Sounds of the Bush where kids explore Australian wildlife through interactive fun this school holidays.

About Sounds of the Bush Workshop

Explore the enchanting sounds of the Australian bush right in the heart of GATHAA First Nations markets. Through the mesmerising ancient melodies of the didgeridoo, Sam will take you on a captivating journey, introducing you to the native animals of Australia.

It's not just about listening! Jarjums will immerse themselves in the world of Australian wildlife through interactive activities, and storytelling, from mimicking the calls of the iconic kookaburra to hopping like kangaroos.

This workshop offers a unique opportunity for kids to connect with First Nations culture. Get ready to laugh, learn, and create memories.

Date/time: Sunday, 14 April - 10:00am-10:45am

Duration: 45 minutes

Location: GATHAA First Nations Market - FOREST GLEN VILLAGE
5/354 Mons Road Forest Glen SUNSHINE COAST. Lower Kurrajong Carpark
Parking up the top of Mons Road, next to Sunshine Coast Grammar

Ticket Price: FREE

Suitable for:  Kids of all ages (to be accompanied by a parent)

Sunday, 14 April - 10:00am

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