Hive Haven - Native Bee Honey


At Hive Haven we respect our bees and honour their honey through gentle harvesting and processing methods. Honey is removed from the food grade honey cartridge through cold extraction which is a slow but gentle process.

Australian native bee’s that create this honey are quite different from the average honey bee imported from Europe in the early 1800’s. Our tiny Australian native bee shared the land with dinosaurs, it was Australia’s very first pollinator. It has evolved into a powerful species that can impact our existence on the planet, however it is a threatened species. We are so fortunate that the Australian native bee has been identified an effective pollinator of our food crops but these precious critters need our help.

Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islanders have used stingless native bee honey as a food and medicine source for tens of thousands of years


• Contains Propolis
• Harvested by First Australians for health properties
• Scientifically proven to have a low Glycemic Index
• Potent antimicrobial and antibacterial properties
• High viscosity
• High antioxidant content
• High moisture content – people think we add water but we don’t
• Native honey comes in different shades (light to dark)
• Science confirms Indigenous people’s native honey long claimed health benefits

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