Emu Feather Strings for Jarjums

Emu Feather Strings:  once you learn  this ancient technique you can make many fantasic and creative items

One price includes 1 adult and 1 child 

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Duration: 1.5 hours for workshop 

About the Class : Learn more about the is unique bird and traditional techiniques still being used today . All resources are supplied ALL participants are able to achieve great results with little or no experience

What you will do:

Looking for fun things to do with your  jarjums / kids?

Join us for this Emu Feather Strings  workshop and let you and your child's creativity bloom!

In this hands-on class, we will be getting creative with emu feathers, beads, ochre, and you and your child will learn how to make feather strings, earings and a necklace.

Emu Feather Strings  is fun and creative for all ages. This kit gives you enough supplies to make a necklace and earrings. All our kits are personally put together with love and care by us at our Sunshine Coast studio.

Suitable for:Adults, young adults, and jarjums (minimum 5 years old).  One price includes 1 adult and 1 child 

  • Beginner-friendly.

What we supply for your use and creativity on the day:

  • Emu Feathers
  • Waxed floss/ cotton thread
  • Beads
  • Leather necklace strap with lobster clasp
  • Earring  pierced 
  • Ochre  
  • Toothpick and sticks for painting

This class is great for individuals and couples as well as for aTeam building activity, NAIDOC , Reconciliation activity,  Christmas party, hens party, or bucks party 

This would make great gift for connecitng wiht your child and friends alike

  • The emu belongs to a family of flightless birds called Ratites. Most Ratites are now extinct, and only the emu, ostrich, cassowary, kiwi and rhea are alive today. Learn more about this unique bird and traditional techniques still being used today . All resources are supplied. ALL participants are able to achieve great results with little or no experience.
  • Aunty Dale  totem is the emu and she was born inDirranbandi in south west Queensland , Yuwaalaraay country and was taught this traditional method of clumping on the Balloon River by Mayrah Yarraga Dreise. The moment  I learnt this technique I loved it so much and wanted to teach this new found skill but ancient tradition so it won't be lost and become extinct like manyflightless birds.

Enjoy a refeshingMy Dilly Bag beverage and bush food snak

Important: Please advise us of any dietary requirements and allergies in advance.

Thursday 7th July 9.30- 11am

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