Introduction to Bushfood with Aunty Dale

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Duration:1 Hour (approx.) action packed, hands-on class with demonstration session


Location: My Dilly Bag, Forest Glen Village, Sunshine Coast, QLD

About the class: Learn about bushfood practices that have sustained Australia's First Nations peoples for centuries.

Engage all your senses of sight, sound, taste, smell and touch, as well as spiritual connection.

Try foraged and harvested seasonal produce including Australian botanical leaves, grains, seeds, nuts, and fruits. These may include Myrtles (Anise, Curry, Cinnamon, and Lemon), Strawberry Gum, Old Man Salt Bush, Pepper Berry, Wattleseed, Native Thyme, Bunya Nuts, Warrigal Greens, Lilly Pilly, Wild Mints, and more...

Join us at My Dilly Bag for invaluable learning and enjoy what's on the menu such as Aunty Dale's famous Lemon Myrtle shortbread with a cup of Wild Brews Tea, Bush tomato dip, Dukkah and native botanical infused Macadamia nut oil with crusty bread.

Its fun, educational and tastes sensational!!!

What you'll take home:

  • Be more informed about Australian native ingredients
  • Enrichen your appreciation for Aboriginal culture - the oldest in the world!
  • Learn a variety of traditional and contemporary preparation methods
  • New knowledge and products you can impart to your family and friends 

Important: Please advise us of any dietary requirements and allergies in advance.

Your host:  Meet Aunty Dale Chapman

Come in and enjoy the wonderful, warm and welcoming My Dilly Bag shop. It has been created to provide a comfortable learning environment where Indigenous and non-Indigenous people can come together and learn from and about each other.

In the store you will find all My Dilly Bag products including: mouth watering products from the Bushfood Pantry, a range of creations by Aboriginal Artisan producers such as ochre, jewellery, children's books, and well-being products.

Yes we are  wheelchair friendly

Please note: No refunds available; transfers permitted with 24-hour prior notice.

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