GATHAA - Tea Leaf Readings with Aunty Sandra - 12 May

Unlock the Mysteries of Your Destiny with Aunty Sandra Angus - Aboriginal Elder and esteemed Tea Leaf Reader 

Aunty Sandra's tea-reading skills, rooted in her Aboriginal heritage and European family traditions, have flourished for over thirty years, offering a magical glimpse into the world of foresight passed down through generations.

Date: Sunday, 12 May 2024
Time: Please see optionsin below cart.
Location: My Dilly Bag Store, 354 Mons Road Kurrajong Building (beside GATHAA First Nations Market)
Cost: $25
Duration: 15 minute session   Please arrive 5 minutes early to brew your tea

You will receive
Unique psychic Tea reading with My Dilly Bag native bush brew tea, with lemon myrtle shortbread.

Your Host: Sandy Angus 

Aunty Sandra Angus, a resilient Aboriginal Elder marking her 70th milestone, is a celebrated figure known for her contributions to Aboriginal Health and her expertise in the ancient art of tea leaf reading. Born on Kabi Kabi land, Sandra's heritage spans the Wiradjuri, Wongaibon, Ngarrindjeri, Gunggari, and Jaggera people, reflecting a deep connection to the cultural tapestry of Australia. A "Saltwater Murri," she shares her unique cultural gifts through her creative expressions, including paintings, pottery, and crafts. A master of foresight, Aunty Sandra's tea readings offer a magical glimpse into a world where tradition and heritage intertwine

Browse and Enjoy the Markets 8am-1pm

Please register 20 mins prior at the GATHAA tent to get your wristband and arrive to My Dilly Bag, 10 minutes  to receive your tea and biscuits.


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