Native Brew Tea Readings

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Duration: 20 minute session       Please arrvie 10 minutes early to  Brew your Tea

Location:   My Dilly Bag,  Unit 5b 354 Mons RdForest Glen Village, Sunshine Coast, QLD 

I think of myself as a “Saltwater Murri”,  Sandy Angus. I was born, bred, and raised in the Redcliffe Queensland community, at the seaside where I have spent most of my life. My Aboriginal ancestral links are to the Wiradjuri peoples and Wongaibon peoples in South Western NSW, the Nurrungi Aboriginal peoples in South Eastern Victoria and the Yuggera peoples in South Western Queensland.

You will receive Unique psychic Tea reading with My Dilly Bag native brew tea, with lemon myrtle shortbread.

Your Host: Sandy Angus 

I believe most of my innate tea-reading abilities come from my Aboriginal heritage and my European family where Travellers/ Gypsies .  When I was growing up, I was always told by my aunties that their mum was a crystal ball reader, and me as a child always found this to be very magical. Continuing my families’ traditions I have been the preseing tea leaves for about thirty years. 

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