Tasmanian Pepper Whole 15g

Tasting Notes

Warms peppery sweet delicate, hint eucalyptus flavour notes.

Uses - Whole berries used in marinades, corns in your peppermill, savoury dishes and spice blends.

TASSIE PEPPER- Tasmannia lanceolata 

Pepperberry Whole

Grows in moist, sheltered environments from sea level to sub-alpine areas within Tasmania. This special native plant contains the unique pungent compound polygodial, which research has shown is responsible for many interesting properties across applications in flavour, anti-microbial, oral and personal care. Distinct and exotic spicy top-notes with a hint of cinnamon and the Australian bush overlying a peppery background

Uses: Marinades, condiments, use as regular pepper on and in your favourite dishes

Recipe: Pickled Qual Eggs page 52 of Coo-ee Cuisine Cook Book

Length 14cm xWidth 3cm