Channel 7 - Weekender - Bleach Festival

25 May 2021

Channel 7 Weekender's Alastair McLeod spent time with Aunty Dale Chapman, My Dilly Bag, and Chris Jordan, Three Little Birds, for a sneak peek into their incredible menu that will kick off Bleach Festival (opening ceremony evening feast) on the Gold Coast this August. Here's a preview

First Night Feast Menu

Enjoy a yarn across the table with new friends while you sample delicious ingredients foraged, harvested and grown by Aboriginal communities. Satiate your appetite for community and culture at this inaugural feast on the foreshore at Burleigh.

Oysters / pipis / sea vegetables / fermented fruit / rocks / mist

Bleached Coral
Fish / smoke / seaweed crisp / oil dust / Pickled “Coral”

Sand / saltwater caramel / pig face gel / purslane / Warrigal sugar