Our Why

20 years ago, Aunty Dale Chapman formed this business with a dream that is fuelled by her deep cultural pride - to achieve true equality for all Australians. 

My Dilly Bag proudly builds awareness of the oldest living culture in the world - the Australian Aboriginal culture - to educate the national and international community and together take positive steps towards reconciliation.

It is through sharing delicious Australian native foods, yarning and learning about traditional knowledge that honours our past and builds respect and joy into our future. My Dilly Bag creates a comfortable environment where Indigenous and non-indigenous people can learn from and about each other.

My Dilly Bag works sustainably with Aboriginal communities that grow and harvest bush tucker ingredients, and Aboriginal artisan creators. By providing a platform to develop, market and distribute Aboriginal products, My Dilly Bag empowers communities to maintain their traditions, creates new income streams and cultural pride. This improves the lifestyle of Indigenous people and provides a positive landscape for future generations. 

About Aunty Dale Chapman

Dale Chapman is an Indigenous woman born in Dirranbandi in south west Queensland on Yuwaalaraay and Kooma tribal lands. She has lived and worked on Gubbi Gubbi land, known as the Sunshine Coast, since 1976. Dale's totem, emu, is passed on to her through her father's family and the possum through her mother’s family.  

Regarded as a leader in her field, Aunty Dale is the founder of My Dilly Bag, a celebrated and award-winning chef, cookbook author, public speaker, television personality, and lecturer.

Active in Aboriginal affairs, Aunty Dale is a member of the Queensland Indigenous Chamber of Commerce, Slow Food International and Chair of Stepping Black Indigenous Australia.

Dale is an Adjunct Senior Fellow in the School of Agriculture and Food Sciences at the University of Queensland. Her research is passed on to you.

Dale’s goal is to introduce these unique foods and tastes to the public but also to re-introduce her People to using bush tucker again. She considers traditional food to be an effective weapon in the fight against Heart Disease and Diabetes 2 which are some of the major health problems affecting many Aboriginal people today.

Dale conducts numerous Bushfood Workshops and Training Sessions designed for the participants to become aware of the unique array of flavours and textures of Bushfood and how easy it is today to incorporate in our daily lives.

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