Aunty Dale Chapman in the media

Aunty Dale featured in RACQ Open Road Magazine

15 December, 2021

    View News - My Dilly Bag at inaugural First Nations Supplier Day in Caloundra

    23 November, 2021

      Aunty Dale - Nominee of 2021 Qoin Small Business Achiever Award

      12 November, 2021

      Aunty Dale Chapman was nominated for the 2021 Queensland Community Achievement Awards - Small Business Achiever Award!!

        Urban List: Global Fiesta Brisbane

        29 September, 2021

          SBS - NAIDOC Week: Come eat Australia, Australia!

          15 July, 2021

            ArtsHub: 9 ways you can support NAIDOC week while in lockdown

            15 July, 2021

              ABC Radio - Creating contemporary Indigenous Cuisine

              12 July, 2021

                Channel 7 - Weekender - Bleach Festival

                15 June, 2021

                  University of QLD: $1.5M, 5yr project, to boost Indigenous-led bushfood industry

                  24 April, 2021

                    SBS TV - My Dilly Bag pivots and tackles COVID-19 head-on

                    08 April, 2021

                    SBS interviews bush food pioneer Aunty Dale Chapman whose business is largely in education. Thanks to a significant pivot during the COVID-19 pandemic Aunty Dale explains how she modernised and streamlined her programs to go virtual.

                      Permaculture Noosa: Collaboration announcement with My Dilly Bag

                      08 April, 2021

                      Permaculture Noosa announces a new collaboration with Aunty Dale Chapman at the Cooroy Community Permaculture Gardens. Aunty Dale joins the Leadership Group and is establishing a native bush tucker garden to increase awareness of the importance of native plants for medicine, food and other traditional uses.

                        Australian Native Products: Sharing the oldest foods in the world with each and every community.

                        08 April, 2021

                        Australian Native Products interviewed Aunty Dale Chapman to discover her vision and mission for My Dilly Bag and learn about the most famous of the thousand odd Myrtles in Australia - Lemon Myrtle.

                          Hospitality Magazine: Indigenous produce on menus has reached fever-pitch

                          08 April, 2021

                          Hospitality Magazine interviewed Aunty Dale Chapman to uncover current trends in Bushfoods, learn about produce options and how the industry should be progressing.

                            University of Queensland Facebook Live Video: Bush Tucker Garden Tour

                            08 April, 2021

                            The University of Queensland featured Aunty Dale in a Facebook Live event, showcasing one of UQ's Bush Tucker Gardens a cooking demonstration as well as sharing some insights into Aboriginal culture.

                              SBS NITV Radio: My Dilly Bag grows despite the pandemic

                              08 April, 2021

                              Aunty Dale appeared on SBS NITV Radio in Sept 2020 and discussed how My Dilly Bag has adapted and grown since COVID-19 changed our lives and revealed news about her new store.

                                Forage Fire Feast Special Events

                                16 March, 2020

                                My Dilly Bag chefs create one-of-a-kind experiences with one-off menus  celebrating the richness and diversity of Australia's First Nations Peoples.