Anise Myrtle Flakes 10g

Anise Myrtle - Syzygium anisatum

In its natural environment, the rainforests of the Bellingen & Nambucca river valleys in north-eastern NSW.

Tasting Notes

If you are a lover of black jelly beans this sweet liquorice flavour is for you. Aboriginal people use it for stomach complaints.


Desserts, sweet sauces and preserves, fish, pork, ice cream and drinks. Traditionally Aboriginal people used it medicinally as a tonic which had a vitalising effect. Contemporary uses sauces, breads, confectionery, marinades & liqueurs, curries, desserts, and baking etc.

Olives in Anise Myrtle page 70 of Coo-ee Cuisine Cookbook

Length 14cm x Width 3cm tube