Bushfood Pantry

Preserving Knowledge - Sustaining Futures

Aunty Dale Chapman is a pioneer in her field and is leading a  collaboration - Bushfood Pantry - with Chef and owner of Three Little Birds, Chris Jordan, and Nutritionist & Accredited Practising Dietitian, Tracy Hardy. 

The trio are combining their knowledge to bring about positive change. They work directly with Aboriginal communities to grow and harvest bush tucker ingredients which enables new income streams and pride of culture. 

With these ingredients, the collaboration serves-up uniquely handcrafted Australian products that will add unique points of interest to your gatherings, bespoke menus and events.

On the Bushfood Pantry shelves, you will find raw native ingredients that have been sustainably sourced and a range of delicious ready-to-enjoy products infused with ancient flavours.

The team includes medicinal benefits and tasting notes helpful for food profiling, Chefs, Dietitian, and home cooks. The team are delighted to share their gifts and facilitate the use of native Australian bushfoods - enjoy and if you need recipes, check out Aunty Dale's Cookbook! 

Accreditation: Supply Nation, HACCAP Approved

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