Sara Moore

 Ochre Bee

Artist,Consultant, Specializing in Ochre and Clapsticks, Business Owner, Youth Worker,Counsellor, Indigenous Leadership.

Sara Moore is a proud Indigenous women. Re connecting to family story where ever life journey,

Devine timing allows. Our journey of reconnection is long, deep and ongoing.Stolen lost/stories, disconnection to identity throughout the generations, this can hinder or strengthen the heart.

 Choosing to be empowered by the knowledge we do know even the hurt, this is the energy that fuels Sara’s passion, inspiration and drive to share connections to country,culture  throughout community. Knowing personally the healing that occurs when connecting to Mother Earth, self, country, community and Culture. There istrue  empowerment of knowing our own unique connection to Mother Earth. 

The respect Saras respect for Traditional Owners of Country is deep, compassionate, true and with such love. Ocher Bee honours the Elder’s past, present and emerging alwaysacknowledging continuing connections to Land, Sea and Sky. 

Working withother Traditional Owners, First Nations community members and business owners,empowering people, who work, care for, play, live and honour respectfully all traditional owners of all countries we cross along our  continuing journeys, keeping connected to community. 

Living on and Gubbi, Kabi Kabi country, Sunshine Coast area since 1984. Growing up traveling the East Coast, one base in Badtjula country, hinterlands here on the coast, Wadjarri- Dubbo also our Mother growing up in Blackheath the Blue Mountains. Beautiful  area. We were not aware of our family connections in a lot of these times when we were young, until hitting teenager years. So much made sense learning of this unspoken part of our fathers side of family these unknown connections. Things I felt made sense. The trees I spoke to. The way we would feel the land space, the animals, the land and the energy,the birds.  Ha those magpies caused us a good load of trouble. It was a battle to get from school gate to home. Nesting sessions.

 Our mother and grandfather immersed us in bush walking, picnics in the bush, sitting in country and being with Mother Nature. Hearing the land. Seeing the land.Reading the land. This is home!!! Yet this is my family’s  other side connections. My mother and father separated when I was 9 and my brother5. This is the Mother Earth Connection we may all resonate with anytime. My mother showed us both ways the earthly ways and the conformed ways so we have choice. My personal insights into holistic approach to caring for self comes from my mother who shines her light for us to take and leave what resonates. very empowering to my journey and forever grateful. My brother shows strength in walking the appropriate ways with a lot of the protocols and proper ways of finding, introducing, meeting and connecting to Elders, Traditional Owners,community members. Very empowering, on my journey.

Meeting her supportive partner Jeremy in Brisbane 2000, they together have grown up their own gorgeous family on the coast moving to Kabi Kabi country in 2002, gorgeous Kade their son, a proud young man and big hand in the production of the unique Ochre Bee clapstix, whilst also working in Health. Their daughter Roxsy stepping beautifully with loving guidance through the experience of the teens. A strong family that each have a hand in the existence of Ochre Bee. Supporting each other to get done what’s at hand.

Many beautiful experiences, many learning curves, challenges, many stories, opportunities and miracles, have created the proud, respectful, open minded, unique person you find when you connect to Ocher Bee. Meeting Sara she shines her love, light,peace, abundance always.

The Healing gained through connection, sharing, being with Ochre-earth, Wood- Slapstick tools, is a passion that continues to grow along with the empowerment of connection with self, sharing with community and learning the technological world, this is definitely something Sara is aware of, to keep balance with connecting to country, creating her crafts and running a sustainable family run business. 

Launching Art into public space 2019, Sharing Make Your Own Experiences, Acknowledgment Workshops, Self-connection and Healing through Earthing with Ochre and Clapstix and crystal Sound.

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