ZST Finger Lime ● Lemon Myrtle ● Rosemary [6 PACKCANS]

Every Time Choose Health Non alcoholic, adult sparkling beverages

TASTING PROFILE: Zesty Citrus, Crisp ‘piquant flavor’ agreeably sharp in flavor taste, interesting and stimulating, attractive. Mouthfeel:Balanced, refreshing zeal, uplifting and subtle. Primary Fruit:Lime, lemon, tropical, apple, herbaceous, grapefruit

HEALTH BENEFITS:  Lemon Myrtle  is high in calcium, antioxidants, lutein, vitamin E and magnesium. Finger Lime is High in antioxidants, vitamin C and minerals – particularly potassium- and are anti microbial.

FOOD MATCHES: Pairs well with prawns, fish and many other seafood dishes such as Crayfish served with lemon & saltbush butter



Etch Sparkling, no sugar for our Citrus (ZST)  No Preservatives, no artificial anything.


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