Individual Hand Painted Acacia Coasters - Adele Chapman-Burgess

Gorgeous Coasters, Acrylic on Acacia painted by Adele Chapman-Burgess - Quindalup Aboriginal Art

Each coaster is 10cm round x 2cm tall and weighs approx 450g

The coasters are priced individually.


I am a proud Ngarrabul/Gamilaraay/ Yuwaalaraay/Kooma woman from the New England area. I have always had an interest in art and I have been painting on and off all my life. My paintings are about my many journeys and the many hats I wear – it is my spiritual strength, and learning more about my family connections to the places, we visit. My spirit has grown stronger and wiser over time (55 plus years) as I continue to gain more knowledge of my Aboriginal cultural heritage.

‘Connection to country is inherent, we are born to it, it is how we identify ourselves, and it is our family, our laws (lore’s), and our legacy’ …

I am from the Ngarrabul Language of the Gomaroi Nation, and it is this custodial knowledge that enables me to identify who I am, who my family is, who my ancestors were and what my stories and Songlines are. We are indistinguishable from our country which is why we fight so hard to hang on to it.

 My art takes on many forms. I bring a modern expression to an ancient custom. Despite significant change and diversity, art retains an underlying unity of inspiration—the land and the peoples’ relationships with it. It is simultaneously connected to the past whilst engaged with the present. My art is engaging with the world through actions which are lively, positive, political, social and creative. I love the way tasks overlap with memories.

I enjoy painting for healing, to feel good and to connect to my unique Aboriginal culture. My paintings are merely a new form incorporating the classic elements of Aboriginal Life. They state a person's relationship to those around them, to the land and to the Dreaming. They also represent a new context of interaction between Aboriginal and western societies. Through modern art I am able to introduce and express my culture to the world.

 I am an artist who loves to use contemporary colours in my artworks. I love to share my art with friends and family it keeps my spirit strong to see the joy my art brings to them. I use a wide range of modern materials and techniques to create contemporary works of art. I paint about creation, the old people, the inner spirit, my family connections, my life journey and what makes me happy. My art is eclectic. My art is me.

”My stories are in the land, it is written in my sacred places”