Lemon Myrtle Flakes 10g

Lemon Myrtle (Lemon Ironwood) Backhousia Citriodora SEQ Rainforest plant.

When crushed the leaves should have a distinctively pleasant lemon/lime scent. Leaf is used ground, stunning floral citrus flavour sweet & savoury uses.

Tasting Notes

Lemon/lime flavour, aromatic and refreshing with lemonade undertones.


Use from fish, chicken to ice cream or sorbets, teas, cordials, soups, stocks and medicinal. Traditionally Aboriginal people used it for toothache. Contemporary used to flavour breads, biscuits, laksa, curries and confectionery.

Recipe: Lemon Myrtle Biscuits page 42 of Coo-ee Cook Book

Length 14cm x Width 3cm tube