Spirit of Place Lemon Myrtle & Eco Soap Bag duo

Spirit of Place Lemon Myrtle soap and Eco Soap Bag duo

Spoil your Mum or loved one this Christmas or any day with one of our unique packs 

Lemon Myrtle Soap is made from olive oil, rice bran oil, coconut oil and cocoa butter to produce a rich creamy lather, beautifully swirled with clays and oxides.

Everyone will enjoy its delicately balanced and exquisite fragrance of lime, lemon zest, and Australian pure essential oils.  Lemon Myrtle is a soothing fragrance of the rainforest, uplifting and invigorates the skin while cleansing and moisturising.

It’s perfect for all skin types.

Eco friendly plant fibre Soap Saver pouches can be used as a 'soap saver', or as an exfoliating pouch for your regular soaps.  When you have finally finished with the bag it is fully compostable.  This style has a bead on the string tie.

We recommend the bag is fully moistened for best effect for exfoliating and to create the most lather.  The friction of the bag on the soap pieces inside creates a nice dense foam and sloughs away dead skin cells promoting blood circulation to the area.

Do ensure you allow the bag to dry between use, the drawstring facilitates this.

We do not recommend these sacks be used on the face.

Approximate ExternalDimensions:  14cm high x 9cm
Colour:  Unbleached natural
Material:  Mixed plant fibres
Sustainable resource, biodegradable

These bags have been freshly manufactured and have been sealed for transport and storage.  We recommend they are unpacked and allowed to air prior to use.
Note:  The colour of the beads can vary within the batch.