Ngandhi Bala-Dhu Board Game

ngandhi bala-dhu? (who be I?) is a unique Australian Aboriginal Cultural Engagement and Understanding board game.

It has the clear objective of exploring each players' identity in the context of what is Aboriginality before and after Colonisation.

The game was developed for use within community groups, local businesses and larger organisations and institutions, as an Ancient oral based way of creating a safe space for truthful discussions and Ancient learning.

The purpose of ngandhi bala-dhu? is to provide a fun, engaging and educational cultural awareness, and ongoing team building activity.

The game has been designed to build cultural awareness and understanding amongst all players, and to help facilitate reconciliation and healing.

All information for the board game is drawn from policies, news, personal stories and contemporary Aboriginal community experiences.

Workshop facilitation is recommended upon purchasing the Board Game. Enquiries can be made to


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