Popcorn Wattleseed 'N' Butterscotch

Wattleseed 'N' Butterscotch Popcorn 60g

Introducing our newest sensation: Wattleseed 'N' Butterscotch Popcorn! This crunchy delight is a blend of Australia's native flavours, with sweet hints of butterscotch, chocolate, nut coffee, and the earthy essence of wattleseed.

Perfect for movie nights, picnics, staff events, and NAIDOC Week celebrations, it's a treat for all occasions. Grab a pack and savor the taste of Australia's rich heritage, or share the joy with your loved ones. Wattleseed Butterscotch Popcorn: where every bite is a packed with delicious native flavours.

NOW AVAILABLE IN EVENT PACKS** Also available in 1 -5 Litre packs for that school or community event. Create your own popcorn station and bag up yourself. A truly fun idea with unique flavour twist. Enquire to info@mydillybag.com.au

*Gluten Free