RECIPE BUNDLE - Salt Baked Potatoes, Pepperberry Labneh & Anise Myrtle Pickled Vegetables

Aunty Dale's Salt Baked Potatoes with Pepperberry Labneh & Anise Myrtle Pickled Vegetables 

Elevate your next gathering or dinner party with this exquisite dish featuring Salt Baked Potatoes, creamy Pepperberry Labneh, and Anise Myrtle Pickled Vegetables. The combination of earthy saltbush flakes, aromatic pepperberry and fragrant anise myrtle creates a delightful medley of flavours that will impress your friends, family and avid foodies alike!

The pack contains My Dilly Bag products:

  • Old Man Saltbush (15g)
  • Pepperberry Ground (20g)
  • Anise Myrtle Flakes (10g)

Why not try pairing this savoury dish with a sumptuous Wattleseed Tiramisu for a truly delicious dining combo.  

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Recipe inspired by Chef Chris Jordan - Three Little Birds