RECIPE BUNDLE - Wattleseed Tiramisu

Aunty Dale's Wattleseed Tiramisu

Discover the rich, nutty flavors of wattleseed with this delightful Wattleseed Tiramisu. This dessert is the perfect dish for guests to share at a gathering or enjoy curled up on the lounge with your loved ones. 

The unique taste of wattleseed combined with hints of Davidson plum adds a special twist to the classic tiramisu, making it an unforgettable treat.

The pack contains:

  • Roasted Wattleseed Ground (25g)
  • Rainforest Plum Conserve (200g)

Aunty Dale suggests pairing this Wattleseed Tiramisu with Seared Kangaroo on Sweet Potato Mash served with Pepperberry & Beetroot Jus for a wonderful dining experience.

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